Crafting solutions of all shapes and sizes to get problems, solved.

Lets Talk

Milk, 1 Sugar, Some Expert Advice

If you're looking for some advice about how to go about solving your problem, big or small, we're always happy to sit down and discuss it over a coffee. Or if you just want to chat about the latest tech announcement, that's cool too.

Find the Missing Piece

We work with you to understand your problems and identify options for solving them. At the end of it all we deliver quality solutions, designed to be flexible.

Right Tools for the Job

C# or Java, Elixir or JavaScript, HTML5 or native, monolith or microservices... We strip away the buzz words and jargon, coming up with options that can help solve your problems.

Our Process


When crafting solutions, we choose from a wide range of technologies to find the right tool for the job. Below is just a sample of the technologies we've used previously.

About Us, the Short Version

Defining Technology are solution finders and proud tech enthusiasts, based in the fine city of Glasgow. We craft quality solutions of all shapes and sizes to get problems, solved.

We're a Sociable Bunch

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